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Welcome To The Roll-Up Garage Doors Repair Page, Where We Offer Repairs And Services To Steel Roll-Up Garage Doors.

Affordable Spares And Parts Are Readily Available For Most Makes Of Roll-Up Garage Doors.

Our Workmanship And Spares Are Guaranteed.

Most Common Door And Motor Problems.

• The Door Is Noisy.
• The Door Is Heavy.
• The Door Rolls-Up Uneven.
• The Door Won’t Open.
• The Door Won’t Close.
• The Door Rolls-Down On Its Own.
• The Door Jumps Up On Its Own.
• The Door Rolls-Up Bigger On One Side.
• The Door Has Been Bumped.
• The Door Spring Is Broken.
• The Door Opens And Close By Its Self.

A Yearly Service Of Your Door And Motor Is Recommended To Extend The Life Of Your Door.

Broken spring
Roll-up door skew
Door rolled-up bigger on one side
Bumped door

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Roll up R

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