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Welcome To The Sectional Garage Doors Repair Page, Where We Offer Repairs And Services To Steel And Wooden Sectional Garage Doors.

Affordable Spares And Parts Are Readily Available For All Types Of Sectional Garage Doors. Single, Double, Steel Or Wooden Sectional Garage Doors All Share The Same Hardware.

Our Workmanship And Spares Are Guaranteed.

Most Common Door And Motor Problems.

• The Door Is Noisy.
• The Door Is Heavy.
• The Door Slides-Up Uneven.
• The Door Won’t Open.
• The Door Won’t Close.
• The Door Slides-Down On Its Own.
• The Door Jumps Up On Its Own.
• The Door Has Been Bumped.
• The Door Spring Is Broken.
• The Door Opens And Close By Its Self.
• The Doors Hinges Are Broken.
• The Doors Cables Are Broken.
• The Doors Plastic Curve Guide Is Broken.
• The Doors Rollers Are Broken.

A Yearly Service Of Your Door And Motor Is Recommended To Extend The Life Of Both Your Door And Motor.

Broken spring
Uneven sectional door
Broken door hinge
Bumped door
Broken door cable
Broken door rollers
Broken curve guide

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